Proffesional Products

Peexel corporation develop wide range of products like Video Cameras and Microphones that used in business office, conference room and...
NDI Camera
Full NDI Camera

Provide Unparalleled Ultra-High-Resolution Image Quality and Lossless Effects that are Closer to Vision

Conference Camera
Conference PTZ Camera

Sony's 1/1.8 Inch CMOS Sensor with Full HD Quality at an Impressive 60fps

USB PTZ Camera
USB PTZ Camera

professional Full HD Broadcast and Conference PTZ Camera with high quality HD CMOS sensor

Mini PTZ Camera
Mini PTZ Camera

Small Size like a Webcam, but with more Professional and Flexible Control

USB Webcam
USB Webcam

Equipped with High-Quality CMOS Sensor and Wide-Angle Lens, Suitable for different usage scenarios


4K UHD USB Video Camera and Soundbar with Autoframing and Intelligent Voice Tracking

Portable Monitor
Portable Monitor

Full-HD High Quality LCD Panel with HDMI and USB Type-C Input Port

Portable Monitor
USB Cascade Speaker Microphone Kit

Combination of Main Microphone + Extension Microphone, 10 meters distance and 360° omnidirectional pickup

Bluetooth Speakerphone
Bluetooth Speakerphone

portable Bluetooth microphone that is perfect for the travel business, home office, with a powerful 6500mAh battery

some advantages of our products and solutions


The easy installation concept mean is this, any basic installer could setup the products without any deep technical knowledge.


We focus on the innovative and unique solutions, using the hardware’s maximum capabilities and high quality materials to reach this goals.


We work hard and more to design a professional and intelligent device which in a big picture to has a simple solution for reaching the fast and accurate controlling.

Most Popular Products


20x optical zoom, Panasonic's high quality HD CMOS sensors of 1/2.7 inch, 2.07 million effective pixels to achieve high-quality images with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 and a maximum output frame rate of 60fps under 1080P


1/2.8-inch high-quality CMOS sensor with 2.07 million effective pixels, supports 1080P high-definition output, large wide-angle lens (110°), it is suitable for different usage scenarios and provides strong support for the using in conference room


High Quality 15.6 inch LCD Panel, supports 1902x1080P max resolustion, with 2 USB Type-C and 1 HDMI input port, make it easy connection with Laptops, PCs, Smartphones, PS3/PS4, XBOX, ...

Our market research team always collect the information about the existed products in the market like the specificaions, their capabilities and the users problems and confused points then the Research and development team focus to solving these points via professional devices and solutions. 


Our research and development team always work on new and innovative solutions to iron out problems in the small, medium and large conference rooms.We also design and manufacture new products according to market needs and with emphasis on easy installation, reduced complexity, increased accuracy, uniqueness and maximum use of hardware capabilities.


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